All potential CMS clients get a FREE verbal general estimate as a courtesy from CMS - summarizing the TOTAL job estimate or general range that you can expect the pricing to fall within (perhaps with some minor explanations covering any special job contingencies).  All you need to do is contact CMS and describe the nature of the work you need to have done.  Upon accepting your offer to do an estimate, -CMS may follow up for a meeting time to collect the necessary details.  It's that simple.


Sometimes you need a Detailed Estimate; -- You need everything and every contingency broken down by category, materials, labor, etc.  CMS can provide that too.  And if CMS already has the contract to do the entire project, --we're happy to include this sort of detail - gratis!  However, even if CMS does not have the contract to do your job, -We can provide to you, as a premium service, -an exhaustively Detailed Estimate at a very competitive rate.  We'll collect the information you provide to CMS to guide us in building the estimate and simply send you an invoice. It's that simple! 


See, occasionally you need a set of independent eyes to spot hidden cost aspects of the job -  from the vantage of a professional trained to see beyond mere surface features. Whether for safety, legal or other reasons you deem as important, --CMS is here to provide that insight with this detailed estimating service. And if you decide to contract CMS to do the job (as detailed within the estimate), --We'll waive the Detailed Estimate fee - as a professional courtesy!  People involved in real estate transactions really appreciate that aspect of CMS detailed estimates!  They can get the work done that needs to be done and save the Detailed Estimate Fee -when they utilize CMS to do both!  And when a realtor uses CMS detailed estimating services,  -the client goes into a deal with both eyes open due to the CMS detailed estimate process (which often greatly exceeds the scope of what a mere home inspection can offer)!

Of course, -an estimate is only an educated guess - based on current market figures; --But we believe that you can put some faith in a Detailed CMS Estimate because of our systematic approach to computing costs and our years of practical experience!