Boathouses, docks, seawalls, Lifts 
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Marine Construction Experts

Water-side construction requires special knowledge about the use & placement of structures & materials so that the constant exposure to sand, surf, waves & wind - don't prematurely degrade your property.  In-water structures require special attention to proper reinforcement with specialty concrete, rebar-placement, building-methods & weather resistant finishes.  CMS has the experience you need.

BoatHouses, Walks, Etc:

Need a place to store your water toys for easy access? A boathouse is your best option. This open-walled structure (attached to the side of a dock’s terminal platform) can be as simple or elaborate as your needs dictate, with add-on options like boat lifts, built-in storage, landing platforms and more. Want your boathouse to match your main house or to visually enhance your shoreline view? Limitless design enhancements and roofing styles are available to ensure that your boathouse has just the right look.  Add a durable, attractive, water-side walk for erosion protection.


Commercial Grade Projects Welcome:

At CMS, -the size, scope & uniqueness of any project is fair game.  Having been involved in the construction of some of the most innovative water-structures on Palm Beach, --CMS has the knowledge & experience to bring in the best professionals for any project's needs.

Underwater Lighting:  


Most anglers know fish are attracted to lights at night, which is why lighted piers on the coast and boat house docks on canals or bays are such productive places to fish.

  • Underwater Lighting & Upgrades
  • Special Underwater Coatings, Pigments, Paints & Glow Materials
  • Long Life, Low-Voltage-Safe, Multi-color LED lighting solutions