Metal Detection Services




metal detecting / lost item recovery

Where can we detect?

If you lost your item somewhere on your own land or public place such as a  e.g. boat-dock lake-front, back yard, parkland, etc. - then no extra permissions are needed.  If you think you may have lost something in a national park or other private property then you will need to obtain written permission before we can search.

Will I be able to find the lost item?

If you have a good idea, within reason, where the item was lost then the chances are it will be found relatively easily.  Remember that items can move underground in damp soil and can be pushed further beneath the surface in frequented areas - so if you have an approximate area I can detect in - then this will further increase the chances of recovery.

Time is of the essence because your item may become buried, found or washed away.

What can be found?

Generally all metallic/ferrous items can be found and some of the most common items lost are:

Jewelry, rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, coins, cameras, phones, and such.


I charge a minimum (travel/service-call) fee plus an hourly rate. 


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