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Now Consider:  A minimum investment, but a massive improvement.  Stone-veneer's light weight feature allows for cost savings and it can be quickly and easily installed without footings or other special structural support.  Let CMS transform your existing surfaces with beautiful stone veneer. We transform elevations, fireplaces, backsplashes, wine cellars, kitchens & baths with the stone surface of your choice. Stone veneers can be applied directly to most surfaces without any additional support or modifications to your home. Today’s natural or manufactured stone veneers are as beautiful and enduring as  regular stone, and in some cases more so with hundreds of styles, colors, and textures available choosing the perfect stone to compliment your home or building has never been easier. Dare to implement your dreams. Call us today.

      Is Aged or Damaged Siding Hurting Your Home's Equity in More than One way?  

Damaged siding can lead to even more serious problems then simply cosmetic - as things from the outside like rain & debris get inside the walls! There have been cases where mold growth actually forced people to leave their own homes! And, damaged siding really does a hatchet-job on a home's equity - the very thing that many people will use to assist their retirement!

  • Damage is the doorway to infestations: Roaches; -& an ever increasing myriad of pests - from ants to silverfish, -scorpions, spiders & even snakes, bats & birds!  There are many cases of bees entering homes through damaged siding & causing lots of problems.  Because many insects can actually eat rotting wood as well as the funguses that live on it; --such damage makes the property an inviting haven for pests. CMS will fix these issues with a complete stone veneer upgrade that will address the deterioration, repair the breaches, protect against future moisture splatter-damage & add equity to the property (& look wonderful).

It is built by either replacing or preparing the existing surface (depending on the current level of damage & other construction factors).  Once the surface has been properly prepared, veneer stones are installed.  The result has the look & feel of an authentic stone supporting structure! However, what has actually been done is a durable surface made out of natural or manufactured stone has taken over the function of the previously damaged material!  It looks better and it is structurally stronger!

So, whether you're needing a relatively small home facelift; -Or whether you need more (such as illustrated by the images here): Let Charles Moody Services help you with high-end, low maintenance improvements & makeovers! You'll discover that the price is better than you suspected & the gain in equity offsets the investment substantially. 

The improvement also benefits the "curb-appeal" of the property & makes the neighborhood a nicer looking place.  Once Charles Moody Services shows how many affordable options you have & the advantages of knowing what changes provide the best highlights for your home's style; --You'll wonder how you ever got along without us! 

"The Highland Lakes Seventh-day Adventist Church would like to say thank you for a job well done. Your repair to our rock column and installation of the parking lot safety poles was accomplished quickly and professionally. Many of our church members have commented on the solar lights you installed on the safety poles, although not requested, a nice touch and at your expense! Feel free to have anyone contact me as a reference. Thank you"
-Dan Ginder

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