CMS: Uniquely qualified to bring the superior quality & features of earthen home construction into the Texas hill country!

Get a vastly superior home on the same budget? We are thinking you would like a home that is also:

  • Fire Proof
  • Wind Proof
  • Hail Proof
  • Termite Proof
  • Bullet Proof
  • Ultra Secure
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Ultra Strong
  • Ultra Efficient
  • Free Pond or Cellar or Natural-Pool! *

Why would you build a traditional home when the same budget can get you all this?

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This Year's Special:

Designing & Building Your Custom structurally insulated rammed earth (SIRE home) or compressed stabilized earth block (CSEB home): Your new CMS custom home may qualify for a FREE {basement, or in-ground natural pool, storm/wine cellar or pond} - with our detailed estimate!
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(CMS) CharlesMoodyServices.com / EarthenBuilders.com

Privately owned and operated: EarthenBuilders.com by Charles Moody Services is the premier custom home builder & remodeling resource for the Hill Country & Highland Lakes region for structural insulated rammed earth, & stabilized earth block homes. Real people. Superior strategies. CMS won't bore you with some generic marketing spin built out of cliché's.  It matters who you choose to work with because the quality of what gets built is always a reflection of the builder's character, values & expertise. CMS values what's beneath the job as much as the surface appeal of the finished product. Here's why:  

"I apprenticed with the very best in Palm Beach Florida - building extremely upper-echelon homes - literally mansions.  Quality mattered most and if the job wasn't top-notch; -It was redone until it was. With the high standards imposed under the statewide adoption of Dade-county hurricane building codes; --The only construction methods that CMS has ever promoted are those of absolute excellence.

With experience restoring historical structures - we can give you the assurance that whatever design style you'd like incorporated into your project (new or period) - CMS can deliver.    This attention to quality sets CMS far apart from less experienced service providers; -& that level of care is what we expect of our professional service associates, too.  

Having been involved in hurricane disaster relief, I've seen first hand the monumental differences between quality construction vs. the flotsam of the opposite.  Once you've seen countless examples of each; --What works well as opposed to what doesn't becomes clear, and a prudent person will use that understanding to guide all future projects. 

Privacy is another important factor that many of our clients value.  They want to feel secure knowing that we understand how valuable discretion can be when it come to protecting their interests.  We know the reasons why high-profile individuals often choose to keep a proverbial 'low-wake' along the public way.  Accordingly - the list of clients we won't mention is as important as those who have graced our TESTIMONIES page." - C.B. Moody

CMS has clients ranging from the gilded shores of Palm Beach to the Texas Hill Country & Horseshoe Bay region; --even beyond.  The synergy created by CMS business practices has created a level of professional service-quality unparalleled in central Texas; --& a prime consideration for upper-echelon property owners who want construction quality to sustain their long-term equity.

"While developing my company, it took a unique shape as a building & remodeling service provider. I focused on creating a venture that took a 'Blue-Ribbon' approach to addressing all of the home/property owner’s needs. In doing so, I discovered that it saved my clients a substantial amount of time, anxiety and aggravation; - & the CMS philosophy also makes it much easier for me to focus on all of my client’s visions thus eliminating the frustrations they were encountering in dealing with multiple companies for their home, business or rental property.  This philosophy came to coelesce in the decision CMS took to focus on the development, promotion & construction of natural earthen homes because of the vastly superior advantages and lower maintenence costs associated with ownership (See paragraph on the left).  This process that re-envisions adobe (earthen)  construction is definately the direction that technology (wisely combined with proven materials science) is taking the entire future of the home building industry.  It's certainly considered a "industry disruptive" approach - but benefits the homeowner in a number of ways that can't even be considered by conventional approaches to construction.  I can say with confidence that my clients can always count on a fair price and superior service quality, -delivered in a peak performance atmosphere. CMS offers genuine, comprehensive, peace of mind. CMS would be glad to serve all of your home,  property improvement, and maintenance needs." 


In a world preoccupied with finished appearances, --we know that what's underneath matters just as much, - and inferior infrastructure will inevitably rear it's ugly head -right through any finished surface! And you should be concerned about that vital fact as well, -because it will eventually become manifest. 

Unfortunately, that philosophy isn't the mindset of large numbers of service providers.  Sadly, -the lowest bidder is often low for all the wrong reasons: Lead paint, Chinese drywall, old materials, factory seconds, inferior or fraudulent construction practices, undocumented workers, jobsite theft, drug/alcohol abuse & dangerous shortcut$, etc.  It's because of well documented perils like those that many seasoned clients disregard the lowest bids. 

"The Bitterness of Low Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Gone."

  -Ben Franklin

Regardless of where our pricing falls, -you can be sure that CMS will not sacrifice job-quality to pad the bottom-line.  Our clients have already testified to this aspect of the CMS professional philosophy.  

This is Charles Moody Services and CMS is quality's benchmark.  Experience the difference CMS makes!

"Charles, again - you have been like a breath of fresh air because you actually showed up when you said you would, did the job right and showed personal pride in your work. In the Marble Falls/Horseshoe Bay area, unfortunately few contractors can say the same. I have lived in this area for 13 years and have always had great difficulty finding reliable and quality services at a reasonable price. You are multi-talented and were a pleasure to work with during our rental remodel. As you know, I am a real estate agent and have many opportunities to recommend services to my clients. I will definitely be passing on your name to anyone who needs the construction services you provide ... If you continue to do this kind of quality work, within budget, on time and you'll have more work than you can handle. Feel free to use me as a reference!" - R. Joppie

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