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Garages & Basements by CMS


Minimum investment. Massive improvement. A basement converted into living space increases the equity of the property. A basement turned into rental space increases the equity and creates positive cash flow -often more than whatever the financing cost was to make the improvements in the first place. 

Let CMS transform your existing basement into a beautiful living space that will improve your quality of life at a minimum cost.  And remember - because of constant ground temperatures below the frost line; -basements are less expensive to heat & cool.


Minimum investment. Maximum Value. Often, converting a garage into a living area is an affordable way to reclaim space that is better used for domestic needs than parking or storage.  If you've managed to eliminate a gas-guzzler, built a carport or moved the shop to an outdoor building or shed, --then converting garage space into living space is a smart way to improve the quality of life without spending a fortune.