A short-term storm shelter or storm cellar is a type of underground bunker designed to protect the occupants from violent severe weather, particularly tornadoes. They are most frequently seen in the Midwest and Southeast United States where tornadoes are generally frequent and the low water table permits underground structures.

Fully enclosed underground storm shelters offer superior protection to that of a traditional basement or cellar because they provide separate overhead cover without the risk of occupants being injured by collapsing rubble from above. For this reason they also provide the only reliable form of shelter against "violent" tornadoes which tend to rip the house from its foundation, exposing the occupants directly to the extreme violence of the storm.

CMS designs storm structures based on your needs & particular circumstances. We have many options to choose from and many of our shelters can be built to serve a variety of purposes such as home security, personal protection & even perishable storage.

We offer several sizes of storm shelters to meet your family’s needs - from sizes that accommodate 6 people all the way up to 14.  Additional features are available as well.

A wise man perceives danger coming & takes steps to cover himself." - Solomon

Garage-Floor Storm Shelter
(shelter door view)



Charles Moody Services Takes a Radically Different Approach to the Construction of These!

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And of course, the biggest difference is what you feel at the wallet. THEIR'S tends to be more expensive!
Stunned? It's ironic but true! How? Because CMS takes a radically different approach to design semantics!

The secret? CMS is a Building-Contractor.  We simply merge what we already do well - with some key stealth-technology to produce luxury bunkers on a budget! Contrary to hype; -Underground housing isn't new. We simply hide the reinforced doors!


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