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Quality of Life:

It's made of the areas within your sphere of existence where your investments yield the greatest rewards.  I.E: Many people first come to realize how germane this principle is when they install a home water treatment system and experience the drastic difference that treated water makes from eating to even showering.  


What would a great home be without a top-notch Pool, Spa or Jacuzzi (combo?)!  CMS offers pool designs that are absolutely unparalleled by any other pool company. We offer everything from glow in the dark coatings to fantastic low-power colored lighting with optional transition effects.  We can bring your audio/video & light-control system to the poolside with state of the art control pads that are feature packed & simple to use.  


CMS has proudly associated with Mike & Pam Worrell to provide artistically repurposed wine barrels that provide inspirational functions and can tastefully conceal hardware that might otherwise break decorum.  


Not only does CMS install state of the art water purification systems; -We also maintain them so that they keep your water tasting & smelling fresh.  If you want the taste & quality of bottled water at the tap, -then why wait another day!  A system installed by CMS will produce clean water at mere pennies per gallon instead of what the store charges!  Long term Pool/Spa maintenance agreements are also available to help keep your recreational water fresh & clear.


Air quality is often the great neglected sphere of people's lives -until a problem arises that forces them to address their indoor air. Successful strategies to purify indoor air often leave home owners wondering why they didn't "do it years ago"!

Not only does CMS help you address your indoor air quality, -but we also provide ongoing service & consultation after the steps have been taken to make your air better.  From filtering to de/humidification to ionization & ozone based hygiene strategies, -CMS relies of a team of experts to diagnose & treat each air quality client.  We pride ourselves on innovative cost saving approaches that provide long term air quality improvements.  Whether it's an issue with mold, allergens or more challenging subjects like smoke, fire-damage, pets or even hospice, --we regularly provide stunning solutions.


CMS designs, install & maintains state of the art home theater systems & commercial sound systems.  Our engineering consultants are virtual "miracle-workers" and CMS is the only multimedia consulting resource in North America with an exclusive agreement with the developer of the revolutionary SpectreLayer end-point sound postmastering process.  Integrating conventional & esoteric audio/video components with built-to-spec high-end computer systems & user-friendly remote controls; -CMS home audio & video systems outperform competitors in features, & quality, - usually a substantial savings!  Regarding quality-of-life: If there is one investment that should be done for the sake of "family-night"; -It's the installation of a home-theater system.


Who can dispute the need for quality security services in this day & age!  CMS can make you feel safer by working with our safety consultants to find an effective security strategy for your unique needs.  Wired or wireless, sensors, cameras, with remote monitoring options; -you deserve the peace of mind that modern security systems can help provide.  

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