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Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What kind of dye do you use?
      CMS Grass Dying only uses an environmentally-friendly, highly concentrated water-based dye. 
      Our product is very durable and will not wash away once dry (1-1½ hours). 
      Once it is applied on your grass, it gives a lush healthy green look. 
      It is water proof, wear resistance and will last for months (2-3) or until grass starts to grow and is mowed.

    • Does it have any fertilizer in it?
      It is just dye, an eco-friendly that will dye your grass a lush green. 
      When used in the fall/winter, our dye will act as a protective barrier for the lawn, warming it throughout the cold months. 
      This protects the roots, and has the grass prepared to green up faster than normal in the spring. So there are no fertilizers in our product.

    • Will it hurt my kids or pets? 
      NO, There are no chemicals in the dye that we use, it is and non-toxic, so it is 100% completely safe for your kids, pets, and any other living thing your lawn comes into contact with and for the lawn itself. 

    •  Does it wash away with rain?
      There is no green run-off with the rain; once it is dry the dye is permanent.

    • Will dyeing my grass save me money with my water bill?
      YES! After CMS applies the grass dye; you can conserve water use by reducing your lawn watering by at least 15%-50%.

    • How long will it last?
      It is a very colorfast dye. It dries to a very durable film. It is waterproof.
      It does not fade or wash away from the grass surface. It will gradually disappear only as the grass grows and/or is mowed.
      Expect 90 days or more!

    • Will it kill the grass?
      NO. The reason you are applying is because the grass is dead or stressed.
      Our product will not adversely affect the grass anymore than the trouble it is in now. It will not prevent the grass from growing back on its own.

    • Will it come off on my shoes?
      NO. After the dye mixture has dried (1-1½ hours), the green color will not get on clothing, shoes, skin, or pets.

    • Is the over-spray harmful to other plants?
      NO. The over spray is not harmful to other plants, humans or pets.

    • Can you spray a lawn that is mainly dirt or has large dirt patches?
      Yes, however, it is not recommended for dirt. When we spray a lawn it is recommended that the lawn be grass, it has a better visual effect with
      brown or dead grass than with dirt.

    • When is the best time to have the grass dyed?
      The best time having your grass dyed is when the grass has stopped growing. It doesn't have to turn completely brown and of course if it's dead, like vacant homes and properties, we can do it anytime of the year. 
      For the best results, it should be freshly mowed and edged with the clippings removed (Dyed loose grass clippings can blow away and might leave a patchy finish to the grass). The grass should not be scalped.

    • Who dyes their grass? 
      Anyone who wants to have the greatest lawn on the block, people who want instant curb appeal in order to sell, or anyone throwing a party or special event. This process has been done for years by golf course professionals & on sports fields, and theme parks.
      Let CMS dye your grass & bring the beauty of Green back to your turf!

    • How much does it cost?
      Prices start at well under a quarter per sq. ft & go down from there! CMS has a minimum job fee of $99 -which does up to 500 sq. feet! 
      For many people -that's their entire front yard!