Custom Earthen Homes
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com by Charles Moody Services is the premier custom home builder for the Hill Country & Highland Lakes region for structural insulated rammed earth, & stabilized earth block homes.

This Year's Special: Your new CMS custom structurally insulated rammed earth (sire home) or compressed-stabilized-earth-block (CSEB home) home may qualify for a FREE {basement, or in-ground natural pool, storm/wine cellar or pond} - when built by CMS using our detailed estimate service! Contact us today to get started.

As any child knows, -when the Big Bad Wolf blows;  - Have you considered - how that olde story goes?
(So, what are you going to build your house out of? Let CMS offer a suggestion!)


bullet Fire Proof
bullet Cost Competitive
bullet Super Strong Construction
bullet Truly green, local natural materials
bullet Non Toxic, environmentally friendly
bullet Rammed earth (SIRE) or V-Lock block design (CSEB)
bullet Proven block strengths greater than cement blocks
bullet Extreme Weather Tolerant
bullet Solar/Wind Energy Options
bullet Gray Water Recycling Options
bullet Naturally Mold/Mildew Resistant
bullet Design Solutions
bullet Bullet Proof
bullet Geothermal Utilization Options
bullet Natural Pools Available
bullet Material Analysis & Quality Control
bullet Process Efficiency
bullet Water Collection Tech Options
bullet Custom Home/Commercial Design
bullet Xeriscaping Options
bullet Greenhouses Available
bullet Naturally Insect/Termite Resistant

CMS is a custom design-builder. In designing your home we consider the site – the views, the solar aspects, the prevailing winds … as well as the practical – where utilities are located, proper utilization of spaces, as well as many other details. Building custom homes give us the freedom to design an extra-ordinary home to your own unique and creative specifications. Our finalized designs include a complete set of plans ... I.E: elevations, floor plan, foundation plan, roof framing plan, electrical plan, and a site plan. From these plans we are able to begin the process of completing the specifications for your home. Specifications include everything from utility connections, excavation, house construction, insulation, lighting, plumbing, electrical specs, heating & cooling specs, tile, appliances, interior finishes, flooring selections, etc.

"Because over-marketing dulls people's ears to terms such as 'vastly-superior', -I try to take time to explain to each client precisely how much impact that term actually has when we use it.  You can't generally see the superior quality beneath the modern appearance of our homes' finished exterior; --but our homes will be among the very last standing when disaster hits -whether wind, water, or fire. They cost far less to heat & cool and they're quieter inside.  Mold is a virtual non-issue. They are often much easier to maintain and immune to insects like termites - that would normally destroy traditional structures.  The walls are essentially fire-proof, wind-proof & bullet proof. We became disillusioned with conventional homebuilding and made the move to superior construction methods. It is important that people stop building toxic, perilous & disposable homes. Such practices are short-sighted, unintuitive & wreak havoc on the environment. Building with earthen construction is a sustainable solution that has many, many advantages and no down side. We’re passionate about spreading the word. We have amazing videos of actual tests available. Most people are astonished when they discover what they can have built by us on the exact same budget - sometimes less!" -Charles Moody

We offer many options:

bullet Green Building Techniques & Products
bullet Steel Reinforced Gunite Roof
bullet Custom Metal Fabrication for that Signature Touch
bullet Reclaimed Wood Interior Finishes
bullet A Home Built with a Healthy Indoor Environment
bullet Custom Steel w. Lexan Doors & Egress Windows
bullet Custom Lintels of timber, stone, concrete, or steel
   across the top of a door or window.
bullet Custom Design Services
bullet An Energy Efficient Home
bullet 18"-24″ Monolithic Walls
bullet Passive Solar Designed
bullet Natural Lighting Designs
bullet Metal Roof Options
bullet Artistic Timber Accents
We're not going to wow you with endless sets of rotating images showcasing luxury homes in all manner of pristine settings.  And we're not going to bombard you with enough blue-print images to paper your den in.  That's what all of those other websites do.  See, we already know: You want a great home, a beautiful home and you probably already know how many bedrooms, baths & maybe even the shape of the pool.  What you want & why you're here is to find a builder who can give you what our European friends refer to as "Je ne sais quoi"... meaning: "that which surpasses mere words".  Let CMS leave you speechless.

Every part of the world has a climate that makes it better suited for one style of housing over another. Here in the southern United States, -homes need to be built to deal with our own varieties of environmental hurdles. People want to harness the sun, collect rain water, harness the wind, conserve energy, keep out pests, keep out noise, feel comfortable, feel secure; -And they want to do it all safely, beautifully & at a price they can revel in.  And principally, - we strongly promote what we call: Earthen construction - re-envisioned.  CMS Earth Architecture provides building services & construction using vastly superior building techniques beneath aesthetically stunning surfacing materials. CMS takes a unique "core-out" approach to the earthen building process that can utilize materials from the very land the house is built on.   This approach allows us to integrate additional structures into the design - created by selective excavation of the site.  The benefit to the qualifying customer is often the addition of a basic, core, in-ground hollow created by the process that can be modified to suit a particular function - such as a storm cellar (tornado alley residents take note).  And when you can use the material from the very land the house is built on - as well as the voids created by planned excavation -- it's like your land purchase begins to doubly pay you back!  CMS sources Earth Blocks if your special project requires them.


Rammed earth is a time proven building process of moistened earthen mix of aggregate sand, clay, silt & cement is placed into forms and compacted or "rammed" in layers. We know how to test your soils and understand what makes a good rammed earth & CSEB home. That is why we utilize a specialized mobile soils testing lab with well established procedures that take us step by step through soils analysis, mix design, and testing. We bring modern science to the art of earthen production and construction to make it straight-forward and intuitive. Regular soil composition testing throughout this phase of the project is essential to maintain homogenous building material composition. This strict sampling approach is vastly superior to intermittent sampling practices of sending material off to a lab. The latter causes delays and the reduced sampling often results in flaws in material composition that ultimately adversely affect the quality of the finished structure.

Depending on how a rammed earth wall is built, these factors can dramatically affect overall strength and durability:

  • Mixing – 75% difference
  • Curing – 50% difference
  • Control of lift depth – 50% difference
  • Material management – 30% difference
  • Consistency of soils used – 25% difference
    • Too much or little moisture – 40% difference
    • Improper hand tamping – 50% difference
    • Improper pneumatic tamping  – 25% difference
    • Sampling frequency – Affects everything
    • Weather conditions – Affect everything

      So, we literally start with a solid, superior foundation process - that eventually goes all the way to the roof. At the core, we make use of tightly-monitored, structurally-formed rammed-earth. After removing the forms you are left with a free standing monolithic earthen wall.  These walls have a minimum compressive strength that easily meets and exceeds industry standards, and that strength eliminates anxiety and perpetual maintenance, – while giving superior durability, as well as the ability to build massive structures. The natural appearance requires no additional sealants, siding or drywall with distinctive, visual/tactile connection to the earth that surrounds us. CMS also offers compressed-stabilized-earth-block (CSEB), & other site-appropriate methods of earthen construction.

      CMS is trained & certified in V Lock Block design with Vermeer’s BP714 – cutting edge technology in the evolution of compressed earth block construction by globally renown Dwell Earth LLC.  As a certified Dwell Earth builder, -CMS utilizes the most current sustainable technologies to produce vastly superior structures often at a lower or comparable cost! CMS has taken compressed stabilized earth block (CSEB) building technology to the next level:

      By implementing modern construction techniques combining sustainable & green technologies, -earthen core construction is being used to create some of the most modern, beautiful, safest, ecological & structurally sound construction in the history of civilization. Some of the oldest extant buildings on the planet were made with earth construction techniques, -while modern structures incorporating earth construction into their design are some of the most resistant to the perils of extreme weather. CMS combines earth-construction with modern finishing processes to create structures that are vastly superior in every important detail - from convenience, performance, equity, insurability, efficiency & durability. Each of our structures is an art form with special touches and attention to aesthetic detail. However, CMS puts it over the top with solar panels, wind-power and water storage: All options! Let efficient LED lighting add perfect nuances to the atmosphere and even in color! 

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