CMS pledges to deliver individualized service in a manner that respects and protects the environment and your family. Our promise includes servicing you with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism that consistently exceeds your expectations year after year. CMS has been providing superior services for treating lawns as if they were our own. 

Owner Charles Moody has been exceeding the needs of clients by providing the highest quality service in the area by using only the finest materials, dedicated staff, and precision execution on every job. Choosing CMS for your lawn care service provider will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your lawn will receive the care it needs.

Grass Greening Services!

  • SPECIAL!   Lawn Dying - Turns the Brown into Green!   

    CMS offers a revolutionary Lawn Greening Service! Once an exclusive service offered only to large clients like theme parks, -CMS has made greening up your brown lawn affordable, practical & a money-saving solution when water rates are high or watering prohibited due to weather.  Get your curb appeal back! Have CMS Green up your turf!
  • Xeriscaping Experts

    When water is scarce or local restrictions make it impractical to water your foliage, -consider letting CMS assist you in xeriscaping your greenery. Xeriscaping is the latest trend that makes the most efficient use of natural & engineered water storage methods with minimal use of artificial irrigation systems. Select greenery & hardy succulents that can withstand the arid weather, --combined with space-age soil treatments that allow the ground to buffer much, much more moisture than normal - can help keep your grounds green long after your neighbors have given in to the brown!  
  • Lawn Mowing Programs

    CMS offers mowing programs for residential and commercial properties. We tailor our lawn mowing programs to your specific lawn care needs, including weekly mowing and trimming, edging, and cleaning of walks and drives.
  • Planting Bed Maintenance

    At CMS our planting & flowerbed services include weeding, edging, mulching, and complete clean up of all leaves and debris. We also offers ornamental care, which includes the trimming and pruning of all your landscape planting and flowerbeds giving you beautiful curb appeal.
  • Tree, Shrub Care and Planting

    We understand that trees and shrubs are very important to you. We work very hard on your entire landscape to keep your trees and shrubs strong and healthy. We will maintain the curb appeal that your property deserves while enjoying an experience free of hassle and stress.
  • Tree Removal Services

    There's not much more of a big threat to you & your property than a tree that has become a peril.  Your insurer will likely tell you to "Use a professional". And when you need a pro, -contact CMS.  CMS has experience in problem tree removal from our long time in Florida dealing with hurricane aftermath.  No job is too small & no job is too large. We are the fast, efficient experts! You'll probably even qualify for free stump removal/grinding with the use of our tree service!  We'll even let you keep the mulch for your own grounds-work projects!
  • Stump Grinding Solutions

    Stumps left in your landscaping can become perils to mowing & other yard activities.  
    In addition, -stumps rotting in the ground can become a gateway for snakes, spiders, wasps & other things looking for a place to make an underground home.  
    Get rid of them & the unsightly troubles they invite!  Call CMS to get a quote on stump removal.  You'll be glad you did!

  • Other Landscape Services

    CMS offers a variety of additional beneficial services tailored to your properties individual needs. Core aeration and power raking encourages broader root growth which helps the overall health of your lawn. Additional seeding remedies poor conditions such as compacted soil, poor drainage, and weed infestation. We can solve any landscaping problem you may have.

"Thanks for cutting down that big tree that was overhanging my house & garage. If it had come down in a storm, - I would have been out a whole lot more than my insurance deductible!  You did a wonderful job on the landscaping afterward. And thank you for taking such good care of my lawn." - Claudette Jones

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