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 Stone Beautification by CMS



Consider:  A minimum investment, but a massive improvement.  Veneer's light weight feature allows for cost savings and it can be quickly and easily installed without footings or other special structural support.  Let CMS transform your existing surfaces with beautiful stone veneer. We transform elevations, fireplaces, backsplashes, wine cellars, kitchens & baths with the stone of your choice. Stone veneers can be applied directly to most surfaces without any additional support or modifications to your home. Today’s natural or manufactured stone veneers are as beautiful and enduring as  regular stone, and in some cases more so with hundreds of styles, colors, and textures available choosing the perfect stone to compliment your home or building has never been easier. Dare to implement your dreams. Call us today.


Don't laugh. With the improvements, the dog was able to refinance it...
(Just kidding. He needed us to co-sign.)