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Premier Construction Services


Charles Moody Services (CMS) provides essential services and will continue working to maintain the safety, sanitation, comfort and operations of your home & business. 

Each specialist takes safety very seriously & is following added precautions to protect our customers, colleagues, families & community.  CMS is a premier (5-Star) construction service provider for the Texas Highland Lakes region & beyond. Rough verbal estimates are FREE (be sure to check out our Estimating Service details below)! As a premier construction service company dedicated to providing quality residential construction services, (in a peak performance atmosphere) it is important to us to deliver quality workmanship on every assignment.​ We offer a wide range of services to meet your project needs & ensure durable & cost effective workmanship. CMS offers a level of professional quality unique to the industry & a level of Trust & Loyalty that our clients can feel comfortable with. From custom homes to docks & personal boat-launches, remodeling, renovations, and try out our Handyman Service (at a predictable rate too). Best Regards!


Waterway Construction & Renovations

 Charles Moody Services can also remodel, renovate & repair the vital structures of your waterways! CMS has a top trust rating among owners of premium properties; -With clientele ranging from Florida's Palm Beach mansions to the stunning estates of the Horseshoe Bay Texas region - & beyond! With experience building to Dade County codes to help withstand the worst that mother-nature can throw our way; -CMS offers a level of professional quality unique to the industry and a level of trust that our clients can feel comfortable with. Be sure to read our customer feedback & reviews!


Seasonal, Weekend & Holiday Preparation & Periodic Property Inspections

If your property is used on a periodic or seasonal basis, -consider having CMS manage the clean-up & close down behind you; -& a freshening up & preparation for use before you return. Let CMS remove the worry of safe storage & locking the doors behind you when you leave for the season, -as well as refreshing the property, grounds, knock-out that to-do-list, etc., immediately before your return.  CMS even has a service to occasionally check the condition of the property while you're away & deal with issues that arise before they become devastating in your absentia! One call accomplishes all! 

Client Review/Testimonial

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | 08/05/2019

Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Sherri O. in Burnet, TX

Project: Handyman Service:

Replace weatherstripping on two exterior doors and Consultation for new custom exterior French-Doors. Opening to be modified to accommodate the new door unit.

Very nice people. Amazing work and excellent service!

About Charles Moody Services (CMS) The Home Improvement Pros.

 "I apprenticed with the very best (a world renowned builder) in Palm Beach Florida - building extremely high-end homes - literally mansions.  Quality mattered most and if the job wasn't top-notch; -It was redone until it was. With the high standards imposed under the statewide adoption of Dade-county hurricane building codes; --The only construction methods that CMS has ever promoted are those of absolute excellence.

 With experience restoring historical structures - we can give you the assurance that whatever design style you'd like incorporated into your project (new or period) - CMS can deliver.  This attention to quality sets CMS far apart from less experienced service providers; -& that level of care is what we expect of our professional service associates, too.  

 Having been involved in hurricane disaster relief, I've seen first hand the monumental differences between quality construction vs. the flotsam of the opposite.  Once you've seen countless examples of each; --What works well as opposed to what doesn't becomes clear, and a prudent person will use that understanding to guide all future projects. 

 Privacy is another important factor that many of our clients value.  They want to feel secure knowing that we understand how valuable discretion can be when it comes to protecting their interests.  We know the reasons why high-profile individuals often choose to keep a proverbial 'low-wake' along the public way.  Accordingly - the list of clients we won't mention is as important as those who have graced our TESTIMONIES page. "Not all contractors are created equal." - C.B. Moody


In a world preoccupied with finished appearances, --we know that what's underneath matters just as much, - and inferior infrastructure will inevitably rear it's ugly head -right through any finished surface! And you should be concerned about that vital fact as well, -because it will eventually become manifest. 

 Charles Moody Services (CMS) is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business.  We uphold a standard of integrity bound by fairness, honesty and responsibility in all of our jobs.  We are a locally owned and operated business with more than 20 years of experience.  There is no Home Improvement too big, or too small for our team.  

 CMS Know's that small jobs can be as important to our customers as the large ones.  Ask around & you'll discover that our top-rated, highly-professional home improvement services comes recommended by your neighbors for all your home improvement needs.  To better serve you & save valuable time; --send us your "Job Description". 

 There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us.  We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line,-and thanks for dropping in. "Doing it right costs less than doing it over".   

 "The Bitterness of Low Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Gone." -Ben Franklin


 Regardless of where our pricing falls, -you can be sure that CMS will not sacrifice job-quality to pad the bottom-line.  Our clients have already testified to this aspect of the CMS professional philosophy. 


 This is Charles Moody Services and CMS is quality's benchmark.  Experience the difference CMS makes!

Contact CMS today!  512-234-2864   #CMS 


Handyman Service Specialists


This Pro is Offering an Exclusive Deal to the Homeowners in your Neighborhood! Boosting the curb appeal to raising the equity on a budget is easier than you may think, get your property looking it's cleanest (more equity is a breeze)!  

 How we work at #CMS  This is what to expect as a client of CharlesMoodyServices.Com. Our specialty is handyman services, also in and out installations.  In either case we work under the following guidelines. We work on a time and materials basis unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.  We do discuss a rough budget based off of the original outline of your job.  As the project changes, price could as well.  But we are honest and straight forward.  I often explain that the relationship with our clients is our most valuable asset, we have a set amount of help working set hours, with a full book of work, we make no benefit in up selling you on work you don’t need, as we can simply move on to the next job and still make the same amount.  Instead we seek out good clients and maintain a repeatable relationship with them.  Should you find the need for services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

 Charles Moody Services (CMS) Handyman Service: 

CMS know's that small jobs can be as important to our customers as the large ones.  That's why we offer a 2 Hour Handyman Service Special, and is our minimum for small jobs (an affordable option at $56.00 per man hour).  And only $49.99 per man-hour when you purchase an 8-hour Time-Block 3 or More Days in advance simply by Click the "Buy Now" button to the right of the page & make your purchase to lock in your service special (Getting on our Schedule is as easy as that)!  Should you need assistance making your purchase, Please don't hesitate to contact us by calling 512-234-2864, or contact us via text message & someone will reply with a purchase link promptly, (or we can process your payment for you) it's that simple.

 What should I expect for work from a CMS Handyman?  

Our handymen are experienced craftsmen, who will show up at the scheduled time, prepared to start work immediately.  The CMS handyman service is sold in discrete time-blocks of labor.  It is up to the customer to provide any additional necessary equipment for handyman to do specialty jobs that would require such. Some jobs - due to their nature, -fall outside the scope of a mere "handyman service", and instead, -require that we provide you with a standard estimate.  

 If you need materials from a local supplier for the job, -the handyman can pick them up for you within the time block of handyman services that you purchased with a travel-fee added based on mileage.  The strength of the handyman service is that you get a skilled person who is able to work with the materials that you provide in order to get the job done - all at a flat, predictable rate. "Live The Vision." 



 CharlesMoodyServices.Com , (#CMS)

You have another great job rating.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | Date: 05/09/16

Quality: 5.0

Customer Service: 5.0

Value for Money: 5.0

Review by R Joppie. TX.

Project: Handyman Service: 

"Charles, again - you have been like a breath of fresh air because you actually showed up when you said you would, did the job right and showed personal pride in your work. In the Marble Falls/Horseshoe Bay area, unfortunately few contractors can say the same. I have lived in this area for many years and have always had great difficulty finding reliable and quality services at a reasonable price. You are multi-talented and were a pleasure to work with during our rental remodel. As you know, I am a real estate agent and have many opportunities to recommend services to my clients. I will definitely be passing on your name to anyone who needs the construction services you provide ... If you continue to do this kind of quality work, you'll have more work than you can handle. Feel free to use me as a reference!"- R. Joppie 


Service Review

Congratulations! CharlesMoodyServices.Com, (CMS) 

You have a new job rating.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | 12/15/2019
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Stephen Stewart Llano, TX

Project: Handyman Service: 

"I fully endorse Charles Moody Services. Charles took on a big project for us in Llano. It was done on time, on budget, and Charles kept us aware of all stages of the work. 5-star rating!!! -Stephen Stewart

Congratulations! CharlesMoodyServices.Com, ( #CMS

You have a new job rating.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | 08/06/2019
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Nancy & Lee K. Burnet, TX

Project: Handyman Service:

Sealed around two exterior windows units. An Excellent service company (we just love Charles & Ashley)!


CharlesMoodyServices.Com, ( #CMS )

You have another great job rating.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | Date: 03/03/20

Quality: 5.0

Customer Service: 5.0

Value for Money: 5.0

Review by Dolores F. Johnson City TX.

Project: Handyman Service:

First off, let me say that Charles and Ashley are super nice people. I had a treadmill that my husband had purchased for me before he passed away and it had stopped working. I could have purchased a new one but this one had sentimental value and I thought about my husband when ever I walked on it. They explained everything in terms that I could understand and resolved my issue after carefully examining it. Their price is very reasonable and worth every penny!! Thank you so, so much Charles and Ashley!! You are the best!!!

Welcome to the CMS Blog

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List of Services We Offer

List of Services We Offer

List of Services We Offer

Charles Moody Services is Privately owned and operated: CMS is the premier custom home builder & remodeling resource for the Hill Country & Highland Lakes region for structural insulated rammed earth, & stabilized earth block homes, maintenance, touch-up and repair service with grounds & lawn care too! CMS offers a way for you to economically maintain the life of your home without investing your leisure time - from your smallest fix-it problem to full-scale remodeling needs to HVAC (Heating/Cooling) systems, installing home entertainment systems, appliances, -even to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or building custom patios and decks, -&  comprehensive erosion control. 

We also offer basic services like interior & exterior painting, tile & wood floor installation, pressure-washing homes, driveways & walks, to installing beautiful tree-rings & edgers to dress up any garden, flowerbed or pathway.  All it takes is one call to schedule an appointment with CMS.  

Knowing your home maintenance and renovations are in the hands of skilled professionals offers peace of mind and frees you from the task of completing your never ending home improvement projects. We have the skills and tools to get the job done. No more unnecessary trips to the home improvement store, no more expensive tools to buy and use just once, no more weekend projects that turn into three month projects. Leave it to us. 

Rough estimates are FREE! And, be sure to check out the handyman-services!

RESIDENTIAL PAINTING (Interior & Exterior). 

Are you ready to boost your curbside appeal with a new coat of paint? Or maybe your walls are looking a little dingy. Whether you are looking to paint the interior, or exterior of your home, we can help. A new paint job is a great way to quickly spruce up the look of a home. CMS will do any exterior or interior painting in your home, apartment or condo.


For drywall patching jobs large or small, you can count on us to get you fixed up.  Drywall texturing: light, medium and heavy.  Orange Peel -  Knock Down Finish -  Mud swirl -  Skip trowel finish -  Stipple, slap brush, crows feet, etc.- brush finishes -  Venetian finish - 


Minimum investment. Maximum Value. Often, converting a garage into a living area is an affordable way to reclaim space that is better used for domestic needs than parking or storage.  If you've managed to eliminate a gas-guzzler, built a carport or moved the shop to an outdoor building or shed, --then converting garage space into living space is a smart way to improve the quality of life without spending a fortune.



 Water-side construction requires special knowledge about the use & placement of structures & materials so that the constant exposure to sand, surf, waves & wind - don't prematurely degrade your property.  In-water structures require special attention to proper reinforcement with specialty concrete, rebar-placement, building-methods & weather resistant finishes.  CMS has the experience you need. 


CMS best-value power washing services! 

Aggressive pressure cleaning is the top contender when you want to improve your property's appearance.  From boosting the curb appeal to raising the equity on a tight budget (even cleaning pests like wasps, spiders & other nuisances); --CMS uses commercial-grade, high-end power washers and experienced techs to ensure that your property looks its cleanest! Every pressure washer we use is capable of spraying at +4,200 psi! That kind of power can blast away all types of stains, dirt, and debris including (but not limited to) gum, grease, grime, oil, spiders, webs, bird-droppings, moss, lichens, algae, etc. We also work closely with commercial property managers and realtors. We do windows!    


 Natural Pools: An Aquascape 

of Natural Pure Water  

A natural swimming pool or natural swimming pond is a system consisting of a constructed body of water, where the water is contained by an isolating membrane or membranes, in which no chemicals or devices that disinfect or sterilize water are used, and all clarifying and purifying of the water is achieved through biological filters and plants rooted hydroponically in the system.

A CMS natural pool is a cost effect means to add convenience, beauty & value to your property.  Natural pool designs are environmentally friendly and are much more energy efficient than conventional pools.  Integrating surrounding flora & fauna into the design; -- Natural pools create an aquascape that is green, visually appealing & environmentally conscious. When managed properly, natural swimming pools have crystal-clear water and require no chemicals to maintain because they are self-cleaning mini-ecosystems. The water is clean enough that you don't necessarily have to take a shower after you stop using the pool. Natural pools also have lower maintenance costs than conventional pools, and their installation costs are on par with standard designs.



Is Aged or Damaged Siding Hurting Your Home's Equity in More than One way?  

Damaged siding can lead to even more serious problems then simply cosmetic - as things from the outside like rain & debris get inside the walls! There have been cases where mold growth actually forced people to leave their own homes! And, damaged siding really does a hatchet-job on a home's equity - the very thing that many people will use to assist their retirement!

Damage is the doorway to infestations: Roaches; -& an ever increasing myriad of pests - from ants to silverfish, -scorpions, spiders & even snakes, bats & birds!  There are many cases of bees entering homes through damaged siding & causing lots of problems.  Because many insects can actually eat rotting wood as well as the funguses that live on it; --such damage makes the property an inviting haven for pests. CMS will fix these issues with a complete stone veneer upgrade that will address the deterioration, repair the breaches, protect against future moisture splatter-damage & add equity to the property (& look wonderful).

It is built by either replacing or preparing the existing surface (depending on the current level of damage & other construction factors).  Once the surface has been properly prepared, veneer stones are installed.  The result has the look & feel of an authentic stone supporting structure! However, what has actually been done is a durable surface made out of natural or manufactured stone has taken over the function of the previously damaged material!  It looks better and it is structurally stronger!

So, whether you're needing a relatively small home facelift; -Or whether you need more (such as illustrated by the images here): Let Charles Moody Services help you with high-end, low maintenance improvements & makeovers! You'll discover that the price is better than you suspected & the gain in equity offsets the investment substantially. 

The improvement also benefits the "curb-appeal" of the property & makes the neighborhood a nicer looking place.  Once Charles Moody Services shows how many affordable options you have & the advantages of knowing what changes provide the best highlights for your home's style; --You'll wonder how you ever got along without us!  


Where can we detect?

If you lost your item somewhere on your own land or public place such as a  e.g. boat-dock lake-front, back yard, parkland, etc. - then no extra permissions are needed.  If you think you may have lost something in a national park or other private property then you will need to obtain written permission before we can search. 

Will I be able to find the lost item? If you have a good idea, within reason, where the item was lost then the chances are it will be found relatively easily.  Remember that items can move underground in damp soil and can be pushed further beneath the surface in frequented areas - so if you have an approximate area I can detect in - then this will further increase the chances of recovery. Time is of the essence because your item may become buried, found or washed away. 

What can be found? Generally all metallic/ferrous items can be found and some of the most common items lost are: Jewelry, rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, coins, cameras, phones, and such.


A short-term storm shelter or storm cellar is a type of underground bunker designed to protect the occupants from violent severe weather, particularly tornadoes. They are most frequently seen in the Midwest and Southeast United States where tornadoes are generally frequent and the low water table permits underground structures.
Fully enclosed underground storm shelters offer superior protection to that of a traditional basement or cellar because they provide separate overhead cover without the risk of occupants being injured by collapsing rubble from above. For this reason they also provide the only reliable form of shelter against "violent" tornadoes which tend to rip the house from its foundation, exposing the occupants directly to the extreme violence of the storm. CMS designs storm structures based on your needs & particular circumstances. We have many options to choose from and many of our shelters can be built to serve a variety of purposes such as home security, personal protection & even perishable storage.

We offer several sizes of storm shelters to meet your family’s needs - from sizes that accommodate 6 people all the way up to 14.  Additional features are available as well. A wise man perceives danger coming & takes steps to cover himself." - Solomon



All potential CMS clients get a FREE general estimate as a courtesy from CMS - summarizing the TOTAL job estimate or general range that you can expect the pricing to fall within (perhaps with some minor breakdowns covering larger contingencies).  All you need to do is contact CMS and describe the nature of the work you need to have done.  Upon accepting your offer to do an estimate & submit a bid, -CMS may follow up for a meeting time to collect the necessary details.  It's that simple.  HOWEVER: Sometimes you need a Detailed Estimate; -- You need everything and every contingency broken down by category, materials, labor, etc.  CMS can provide that too.  And if CMS already has the contract to do the entire project, --we're happy to include this sort of detail - gratis!  However, even if CMS does not have the contract to do your job, -We can provide to you, as a service, -an exhaustively Detailed Estimate at a very competitive rate.  We'll collect the information you provide to CMS to guide us in building the estimate and simply send you an invoice. It's that simple!  FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: See, occasionally you need a set of independent eyes to spot hidden cost aspects of the job -  from the vantage of a professional trained to see beyond mere surface features. Whether for safety, legal or other reasons you deem as important, --CMS is here to provide that insight with this detailed estimating service. And if you decide to contract CMS to do the job (as detailed within the estimate), --We'll waive the Detailed Estimate fee - as a professional courtesy!  People involved in real estate transactions really appreciate that aspect of CMS detailed estimates!  They can get the work done that needs to be done and save the Detailed Estimate Fee -when they utilize CMS to do both!  And when a realtor uses CMS detailed estimating services,  -the client goes into a deal with both eyes open due to the CMS detailed estimate process (which often greatly exceeds the scope of what a mere home inspection can offer)! Of course, -an estimate is only an educated guess - based on current market figures; --But we believe that you can put some faith in a Detailed CMS Estimate because of our systematic approach to computing costs and our years of practical experience! 

Charles Moody (CMS) reserves the right to terminate his agreement fully and shall be paid for only work performed to that point. Charles Moody Services & his agents shall be immunized from any claim resulting from the good-faith implementation of this service (beyond the scope of the immediate service/s performed) & any liability of unforeseen consequences of providing such services. The client understands & agrees to the above terms of this service agreement. Thank you for your business! remodeling residential construction services 


Client Testimonials

List of Services We Offer

List of Services We Offer


CharlesMoodyServices.Com , (#CMS)

You have another great job rating. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | 03/14/2019 

5.0 Quality:  

5.0  Customer Service: 

5.0 Value for Money: 

Review by  Dave P. in Buchanan Dam, TX 

Project: Hire a Handyman  

"Comments: This company was very customer friendly and at the same time for professional. I would highly recommend their workmanship . I will be using them again soon for or a additional project."

"Live The Vision"

 "From August until October, we have had Charles Moody Services assist us in repairing and upgrading our home, inside and out.  We highly recommend Charles and Ashley as a team for any project around your home.  As we identified a problem, they were great at suggesting the best repair and what really needed to be done.  There is nothing Charles does not know how to repair or upgrade inside or outside your home.   He has all the equipment and tools and has the resources to see your project through to a professional finish.  Charles and Ashley are both extremely hard workers and can do the physical tasks we can no longer manage.   Charles communicates well with clients about expectations, schedule, time to arrive and even texts when they are on the way to your home.  At the end of each day, the work area was left clean, which we liked.   

We were referred to Charles Moody Services by our State Farm agent after some damage to our home.  Because of the good work Charles and Ashley completed for us, we expanded our list.  Over this time they have done drywall repair, painting, cabinet toe-kick removal and installation, drape and picture hanging, gutter and eve repair outside, and landscape with rocks and decorative bricks.  Our big project was replacing all the rotted wood in the driveway with a new vinyl product that Charles found for us.  We appreciated having a professional person that could source products and deliver rock and mulch in bulk instead of us purchasing in bags.  These are two fine people who deserve your consideration for any project around your home.  You will be pleased with their work.  Dave and Kay Hartig, Delaware Springs, Burnet, TX."

"After living in our home for 17 years, it needed some repairs and sprucing up. We had several areas with dry wall cracking and tape turning loose. Also 10 years ago we had enclosed a patio and moved a window.....ourselves! My husband did a great job with very little construction experience ....but Charles and all his crew have moved those rooms right on up to totally awesome! As my husband says, "There is no substitute for a real professional!" Charles and his crews have been wonderful to work with ...from our first call requesting an estimate. Charles returned our call promptly, came right away to do the estimate and showed up on time. Once we had agreed on what we wanted to have done he got the project going in only a few days and finished the whole project within 1 day of the original time estimate. We are so glad that Charles is such a terrific painter. Charles and his team repaired our drywall problems so beautifully...you cannot tell there was a repair made. They also made the chaos of a redo as comfortable as possible for those of us living in the house and went the extra mile in patience as I worked thru getting the paint colors just right. Charles also did 2 unexpected nice things .... He had the house professionally cleaned as the work was being completed and he gave an incentive gift of a 7 inch tablet ....can't wait to surprise our grandson with a super terrific Christmas gift. We are absolutely thrilled with the completed project and will definitely call CMS for our next projects....kitchen and bathrooms. Thanks to Charles Moody and his whole team. Thanks so much for a job well done! " - Ed and Paula Cutchin - Ed and Paula Cutchin 

"Linda and I decided it was time again to redo our cabin which was originally built in the 1880s, as the last freshening up was done in 2000. After meeting with Charles, he sent us an estimate/proposal which was within our budget. After a few changes CMS started construction. When the steps connecting the upper and lower sections were not as envisioned, CMS pulled them out and rebuilt much better steps! That is when we knew we had picked the right company. We discovered on a Friday at 4:00 pm that the hot water heater was going out (not related to the remodel). Charles had a guy out in 30 minutes and we had hot water that night. Every aspect of construction (power wash, exterior paint,  dishwasher, laundry room, relocated washer/dryer, installed pocket-door, relocated sink, and too many little things to list) were done professionally and the quality was top-notch. While it took longer than expected, Linda and I would rather have it done right. And speaking of that, Charles went the extra mile to make up for lost time.  We are extremely happy with CMS! Outstanding workmanship and professionalism. All aspects of the project were discussed in advance (CMS listens). All proposals / estimates were in writing. Work is top rate. Emails and calls were addressed quickly, even on a holiday weekend.  And, as a first time CMS client, we received an Android tablet!  Awesome!" -Bill and Linda Burnham

"In April of 2013 I had a deck in need of repair and was a safety issue. I had made arrangements for someone else to repair it but came up with several issues as to why he would not be able to do the work within the time frame I had told him I had available to me. It has always been difficult to get a reliable repairman/handyman to come out to Burnet at a reasonable cost, on time, and complete the job as promised. When I called Charles, not only did he return my call promptly, he also came out the very next morning to look and give an estimate. When I told him I had a time restraint due to work, he had no problem fitting my job in to the time frame I had. He was always polite, called to say he was on his way , and did an excellent job within my budget. He was a pleasure to work with and I will most certainly be calling him again for any future repairs. It is so nice to have someone I feel I can depend on. Thanks again, Charles." -Janet Bray

"It has been several months since I moved into my new craft workshop room -- an addition to my home here in Meadowlakes, TX.  Sitting here in my new room sipping a warm cider brew on this cold winter day makes me think I should drop you a note on how much I enjoy and appreciate the transformation of an out-door, little used patio into a comfortable, livable, highly efficient work area that is so suitable for me and all of my many hobby activities!  Your ideas for openness with many windows and convenient doors to the house interior, all make this room my house favorite.  The views of the large hazard-pond on the 18th hole of Hidden Falls Golf Club and the beautiful Hill Country sunsets, all come beaming in to my new room!  Certainly, your ideas, quality materials and workmanship has made this all possible and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Mark me as a satisfied repeat customer. You were not the low bidder but your reputation as a quality builder preceded you and I sought quality over price.  I now see this was a good decision. Thanks for a job well done." - Nancy Davis

 "In October 2011, my family purchased a vacation home located in the Slick Rock subdivision of Horseshoe Bay Resort. Although the home was in great shape, it needed some remodeling for handicap accessibility and light remodeling in the kitchen for new appliances before we moved into it. Not being familiar with the businesses in the area we turned to our Real Estate agent for some suggestions on a good remodeling contractor. Without hesitation, our agent recommended Charles Moody Services since he had also used Charles for some remodeling of his own home. Charles was just the person we needed: friendly, professional, listened to what we had to say, and most accommodating. He patiently took the time to get to know us and to determine what we needed in the way of remodeling. He also added his personal expertise and creativity as we discussed the projects. Charles was not only prompt in providing detailed bids on the remodeling we needed, was willing to compromise, but his workmanship is also impeccable, detailed, and really beautiful quality! In the time we worked with Charles, we felt he was not only a superior contractor with great integrity, but he quickly became a friend to our family as well. Since the remodel, we have also used Charles' services to improve our landscaping and will definitely use him for other projects we have in the future. Thank you Charles for treating us like your only clients and for making our already lovely home even more beautiful!" - Sincerely, 

Ed and Marie Maness

"Charles, thanks again for the info. Talked to Daniel today (Mon 9/5). He was at Mom's and said that the new AC was working GREAT!! Another job, as usual, well done ... Thank you again for all your quick, excellent work. Will visit with you later about the next project." - R. Barron

"I have had a great experience with Charles Moody Services. They were very professional and experienced with dealing with repair items on a home inspection report. The pricing is fair and the job was done on time and within budget. I will use Charles again and recommend him to my clients."

 -Brad A. Goebel

For a "Job well done on the maintenance of our storage facility and cleaning up around the units." 

-Lee Ann Clark, Burdett Hill Country Homes & Storage Finders 

"I had two broken windows in my home and I could not find replacement glass anywhere. I called CMS. Charles got right on it and within 48 hours someone was here to get me an estimate. The price was below what I had expected. The job was very professionally done within a short period of time. The workers were not only professional, but were very careful to leave the work areas perfectly clean. Charles Moody & his company are now our "GO TO" guys when we have issues in our home. Thank you again for quality work and an honest price." -Chris and Darlene Williams of (Created For You)

"The Highland Lakes Seventh-Day Adventist Church would like to say thank you for a job well done. Your repair to our rock column and installation of the parking lot safety poles was accomplished quickly and professionally. Many of our church members have commented on the solar lights you installed on the safety poles, although not requested, a nice touch and at your expense! Feel free to have anyone contact me as a reference. Thank you" -Dan Ginder

"Just a note to commend how pleased I am with the work of your paint crew in the recent interior repainting of my home in Meadowlakes. The workmanship & detail to every nook and corner was outstanding and their experience was shown in how they worked around a house full of furniture an accessories with zero damage, and replacing each piece in it's original location!  The CMS Reputation for quality & service was certainly demonstrated in the work performed on my home and I could not be more pleased with the results -- count me as one of your satisfied customers!" - Nancy Davis

"Charles Moody's company recently cleaned all the windows in my lake house in Kingsland.    I was very impressed.  He did an outstanding job cleaning the windows.  They were spotless and he did an outstanding job with the clean up." 

- Eva Walla

"I hired Charles Moody services to clear my yard of debris and mow my lawn.  They also chopped an old tree that was in my yard and hauled it off.  I had many compliments about how nice my yard looks now.  The hedging was great.  I like the way it put a special touch on the appearance.  I also had a window replaced.  They are efficient & very nice.  A thorough job.  Thank you." -Laura Neuman

"Letter of Recommendation: Charles Moody Services were contracted to repair a door on my house in Horseshoe Bay Texas. Charles was very professional and helped me find a repair method that was extremely less expensive than I was calculating it would cost. His men were punctual and performed an excellent job from begin to end. If I had not been the owner of the property and I knew he did the work it would never be known, because it was left cleaner than when they started the job. I highly recommend Charles Moody Services for your next construction job." -Ronny Taylor, President Desertaire Enterprises L.P. 

"Charles, again - you have been like a breath of fresh air because you actually showed up when you said you would, did the job right and showed personal pride in your work. In the Marble Falls/Horseshoe Bay area, unfortunately few contractors can say the same. I have lived in this area for many years and have always had great difficulty finding reliable and quality services at a reasonable price. You are multi-talented and were a pleasure to work with during our rental remodel. As you know, I am a real estate agent and have many opportunities to recommend services to my clients. I will definitely be passing on your name to anyone who needs the construction services you provide ... If you continue to do this kind of quality work, you'll have more work than you can handle. Feel free to use me as a reference!"

- R. Joppie 

"A big thanks to Charles for the work he has done for us. Even though they were small jobs, they were big to us. He was timely, dependable, and so cheerful. Also, we thank him for the work he did for our friends. We highly recommend him." 

-Janis and Richie Giesecke

"Thank you so much for the great job you did installing the ceramic tile at my home. Not only a great job, but reasonably priced too. I really appreciated the care you took not to leave a mess behind when you finished. In addition, I would like to compliment you on showing up when you said you would and finishing the job in a timely manner. Thank you also for the suggestions you gave me to help save time and money. I look forward to doing business with you again!"

 - Connie S. Thacker

 5.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  |  12-22-2018

Review by Jennifer K. in Leander, TX

Project: Hire a Handyman 

(trampoline assembly).

"Quick, honest & professional."

5.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  |  12-18-2018

Review by Dallas P. in Llano, TX

Project: Repair or Service

Charles and Ashly have a genuine desire to be the best possible service to their clients as well as both the patience and understanding to accomplish this. I believe they will go far!

 5.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | 01-12-2019 Review
by Justin Torres, TX.

Project: Tree Job
I wanted to say thanks again! Charles showed up right when he said he would and went right to work. Best part Charles is very affordable, thanks Charles!

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  5.0 | 03/05/2019
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 4.5
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Marc F. in Liberty Hill, TX
Project: Hire a Handyman
Though I would have preferred someone come look at the job rather than estimate over the phone, Charles and his team were great to work with. The team was professional, friendly, and did an excellent job not only with the work, but also with the clean up.  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | 03/14/2019
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Amee E. in Kingsland, TX
Project: Hire a Handyman
These guys were great to work with and they do a fabulous job. I would recommend them to anyone! 512-234-2864

Client Testimonials

List of Services We Offer

Client Testimonials

 "Live The Vision"  

I would like to thank CMS for the General Labor work recently done on my ranch. CMS did what they said they would do when they said they would do it, and I'll definitely consider CMS in the future. - Randall W. Traywick

"Many thanks to Charles and crew. Our kitchen remodel looks great. Charles made a special trip to get the perfect granite sample, and helped us save a considerable amount of money. The work was done in a timely manner, but most importantly, it looks great. Thanks for a job well done." - Deborah and Shott Miller

"My wife and I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your quality recent redo of our condo. Your sign, "1-877-Job-Guys" first caught our attention. As a retired couple, we appreciated your 25% senior citizen discount.. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional. Not only were you timely, but your workmanship was top-shelf. We have already recommended you to some of our neighbors. Thanks again for a great job." -Mike & Maureen Johnson

Sarah at the Cancer Care Center in Marble Falls says: "We want to thank Charles for the amazing job he did on our clinic bathroom. It looks FANTASTIC!"

"This one was a great one as you went the extra mile to get it done. My Son, who is in school in San Antonio, has a little home near his campus and his central air unit crashed.  Charles brought installation help. He bought the materials and controlled and oversaw the project to make sure that it worked. The job was finished in one day and the unit works perfectly. I have told Charles before that he is a throw back to the “old guys” like my Father. If the “old guys” told you something was going to happen (good or bad) it happened and you did not need a lawyer to draw up a contract. I live in Utah. Thank you again Charles for another job more than well done."  -The Barrons 

"I was very impressed with your services repairing our garage. You responded quickly and your work was top notch. I will definitely call you the next time we need any repairs. Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism." - Larry Frazier 

Pastor Ray Warren would like to offer special thanks to Charles Moody Home Improvement Services for his great work in the fellowship hall. "New doors, trim and paint make it look great." 

"As a Senior with a frequent need for reliable home repair service, -I have found an organization that I can truly rely on: CMS - located right here in Marble Falls!  In a recent experience, I had a ceiling leak (on a holiday weekend) & a call to Charles Moody brought a repair crew to my home in minutes and serious water damage was averted by the prompt repairs -to say nothing of a night in a motel room!  We were very fortunate that timely help was available by a company that puts real meaning in the term "Home Repairs".  CMS has proven to be very professional with reliable expertise in home repairs.  We couldn't be more pleased with the service." - Nancy Davis 

"Thank you so much for the great job you did installing the ceramic tile at my home. Not only a great job, but reasonably priced too. I really appreciated the care you took not to leave a mess behind when you finished. In addition, I would like to compliment you on showing up when you said you would and finishing the job in a timely manner. Thank you also for the suggestions you gave me to help save time and money. I look forward to doing business with you again!" - Connie S. Thacker 

"Charles Moody Services did my room addition, kitchen remodeling and my floors - both wood & tile. Job was done very well and on time as planned. Thank you CMS for a great job." - Daryl Inwood

"Thank you for the wonderful remodeling job you did at my home. The neighbors have complemented the paver driveway. The walks look wonderful. We especially liked the finishing work done on the pool deck." - the Curtiss 

"I am very pleased with Charles Moody and the services he provided recently on some home renovations. Recommend him for your future needs and also the crew he utilized. He was very professional and kept me informed of the progress with no 'hidden surprises'. Yes, I would use him again." - Terry Campbell

"Charles Moody Services did a remarkable job redoing the siding. It feels like we have a new house. The neighbors tell us that they love it. Thanks" - Bonfiglio Family

"Thanks for cutting down that big tree that was overhanging my house & garage. If it had come down in a storm, - I would have been out a whole lot more than my insurance deductible!  You did a wonderful job on the landscaping afterward. And thank you for taking such good care of my lawn." - Claudette Jones

"I just wanted to thank you for the great job on the bathroom addition. The tile work and trim looks great and we're looking forward to using our new space! I'm planning future projects such as installing tile work on the back patio and wood floors in the living room and would totally trust those projects to your company." - Kathy Johnson 

"Charles Moody did a very professional job at my barn. The ground around the stall area of the barn became like a muck. When it rained the horses were sinking into this muck, which if you have horses you know this is very bad for their hoofs. Charles researched and solved this problem. With his BobCat he made a mixed rock & sand drainage layer and to this day the ground is still firm, even after a rain. I was very impressed how he took such concern in the type of rock he used around the horses. Also, I must say this project was completed in two (2) days. He is one of the most reliable and professional contractors I have ever hired."

Susan Cosnett 

"Charles Moody Services painted the entire exterior of my house. I was impressed how he matched the color of the new paint with that of the existing. He did both stories in a day's time & saved me a lot of money in the process." - Fig

"It was a long haul getting our remodel done but we are now enjoying the fruits of our labor and those who helped us get through the ordeal. Charles Moody comes to mind when I think about those who we really learned to rely on during our total remodel. The quality of his work is exceptional and he always gave us the best advice when we wanted to make changes or had questions. We are proud of our "new home" and it was quality contractors like Charles that made it happen. With so many contractors out there that you cannot count on, it was refreshing to work with Charles Moody Services!" - Rick Joppie

"Thank you Charles, so much for a job well done. For anyone out there needing their canal cleaned, Charles did a real nice job on our canal." - 

The Bauns 

"Charles, just a short note to thank you once again for the outstanding job you did on replacing our roof. You brought the right crew, they knew exactly what they were doing and they did it correctly and quickly. Best of all, you stay on site to supervise all parts of the process---stripping the old shingles, replacing some bad decking, applying the felt, the new shingles and all the flashing and boots. You also made sure that there was a total and complete cleanup. GREAT JOB!!!!  And the added bonus was that you were lower in cost than the other competent bidders! Thanks again for all your work." - Royce and Cookie Barron

"Charles, thanks again for all the work you have done so well. We have used you twice in our renovation/repair projects and will certainly use you more. You work is superb and you finish on time and on budget---a rare quality in your type of work! Look forward to working with you again in the near future. Please feel free to use us as a reference with our name and telephone number." -The Barrons

"We have been very pleased with the work done in all cases and have recommended you to some of our friends and neighbors. Thanks for work well done. " -Wanda Kramer

 "Remodeling a bathroom is probably something that most people are apprehensive of doing, but Charles Moody Services was fast, experienced & the end justified the expense by a long-shot! Highly recommended." - Marie Wallace 

"Thank you CMS for the wonderful work you did on my company logo. It looks great, and was affordable as well.  Thanks again." - Tri-Star Construction 

"Charles Moody did a good job with painting & landscaping our yard to get the house ready to sell.  Charles' last name is also my maiden name (but we are not kin); --But I will claim him!" - Dorothy Flanagan 

"Charles Moody has removed several very large dead trees from my yard. Two of the trees were very close to the roof and one was up against electrical wires near the road. With Charles experience and skills he was able to cut down each tree away from roof and the electrical wires. He has a strong professional approach to his jobs." - John M

"I am very happy with the work that you did on my patio. You were timely, efficient and responsive to our needs. So thanks again for a great job." -

Stan Burghardt

"Being a new homeowner with many projects. Charles goes above & beyond his duty to get the job's done. Excellent dependable, affordable work; --Has been a pleasure to use his service. I plan to use his service for future work on my home." -Sandra Gastineau

"I live far away from my lots in Cottonwood Shores and needed to have them cleaned up and compliant with city codes. CMS did the job for me in 1 day and for way less than anyone else I contacted. They checked with the city to make sure exactly what was required. I will be using CMS every year from here on out." -John Fuller

"John did a very good job fixing the air-conditioner on my truck. It did not take him very long to fix it and he charged me a very fair price. I would recommend him to all my family & friends. Thank you." - JV

"I'm writing to let you know how pleased I was with Charles Moody Services and the care they took trimming my trees; -planting a tree and the work on my roof. You followed my exact instructions in a timely manner & finished the job in the time given. I was impressed with the quality of your work and reasonable prices." - Dan Cogburn

“We recently hired Charles Moody Services to do a minor bathroom remodel in Granite Shoals. During the construction process, Charles and his assistant, Jerry, discovered underlying plumbing problems. The revised job was reassessed and agreed upon. Those repairs saved us future damage to our house and finances. In addition to the fine quality of the work done, the total cost of the remodel was reasonable. Jerry was professional, efficient and considerate. The job was completed in a timely manner and we felt that we received good value for a job well-done. We plan to use Charles Moody and his team for our home improvement projects in the future and heartily recommend them to our friends and neighbors.” - Bill and Tia Penn

"My neighbors employed Charles Moody and his crew to do several jobs for them and were very happy with the work. Because of their recommendation, I asked Charles to replace a storm door for me. One of his workmen came out when scheduled, did the work professionally, and cleaned up after the job was completed. As a widow, I've been looking for someone honest, dependable, capable, and reasonably priced to help with jobs around the house. I believe I've found that in Charles Moody. After Charles Moody Services did a nice job replacing a storm door for me, I engaged them to re-do my storage building. They immediately went to work and put in three windows, a new door, new siding, and paint. It looks like a new building. Great job! Thanks, Charles." - Sharon Drake

"A great big “Thank You” to Charles and his crew for fantastic service on a recent job. I needed a small job completed related to a major plumbing issue and was really strapped by a time constraint. Charles was right on top of the situation and had the work completed at a reasonable price and in a professional manner within the required time-frame. If any need arises in the future, I will definitely be contacting Charles Moody Services!" - C Nutter

"Charles, Arturo and their crew did an absolutely fantastic job on our back patio. Putting the amazing craftsmanship aside, their integrity, honesty and dedication was refreshing. They worked with us through every step and when changes were required, they took the time to discuss the whys and the options available. Their team made sure the work-space was impeccably clean before they left and they made sure my dog gate was locked every day without me ever having to ever ask them to – it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Charles went above and beyond to ensure that we were more than satisfied with the final product." - Crystal Jacobs, RPLU | Senior Underwriter | U.S. Risk, Inc.

"Mr. Moody and crew came in to help my husband and I on some small jobs that we did not have the tools for. They were very efficient and did an excellent job. We are so happy to have his name for future jobs!"

 - Jacqueline Crouch

"I fully endorse Charles Moody Services. Charles took on a big project for us in Llano. It was done on time, on budget, and Charles kept us aware of all stages of the work. 5-star rating!" - Stephen Stewart

  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5.0 | 03/09/2019
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Kathleen M. in BURNET, TX
Project: Hire a Handyman
I cannot praise this company enough. Very difficult time for me. They were compassionate., responsive, quick, efficient. Very businesslike - worked very hard. Got the job done in good time. It was a difficult job in my eyes (worked from start to finish). I will definitely hire this team again (for my own house if needed when sale time comes). 

  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  5.0 | 03/01/2019
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Lillian R. in Liberty Hill, TX
Project: Hire a Handyman
Charles is very Knowledgeable in his field, he is very courteous, and a very patient man.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | 03/15/2019
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Jennifer F. in Horseshoe Bay, TX
Project: Hire a Handyman

CharlesMoodyServices.Com #877JobGuys

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 Hey Neighbor... we got a deal for you!

This pro is offering an exclusive deal to the homeowners in your neighborhood!

ALL NEW HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICE SPECIAL:  Only $49.99/man-hour when you purchase an 8-hour (full day) time-block and order it three or more days in advance! *Final pricing may vary based on onsite estimate, which you can accept or not. And even if you can't avail yourself of our current 8 hour special; - You'll still love our hourly rate of $56 per man hour (on sale from $120.00 per man hour).


 CMS is here to provide that insight your looking for with this detailed estimating service offer. And if you decide to contract CMS to do the job (as detailed within the estimate), --We'll waive the Detailed Estimate fee - as a professional courtesy (2 hr minimum 99.98 per hour)! Save 10% right now Call 512-234-2864.



Your new CMS custom compressed-stabilized-earth-block home may qualify for a FREE {basement, or in-ground natural pool, storm/wine cellar or pond} - when built by CMS! Contact us today to get started. 

As any child knows, -when the Big Bad Wolf blows; -Have you considered - how that olde story goes? 

So, what are you going to build your house out of? 

 *Free construction contingency does not include hardware, finishing, plumbing, electrical, nor landscaping unless otherwise specified in contract. Certain limitations apply. Offer void where ordinance, terrain or subterranean impediments would hinder such construction. Ground moving/explosive work is an option where needed, but not included within the scope of "FREE".   


CMS waste removal for homes and businesses as well, including offices, retail properties, construction sites, and more! Our friendly, uniformed teams can help you get rid of just about anything. We’ll take just about anything non-hazardous that 2 strong team members can lift, 

and fit in our trucks. CMS is your full-service junk/debris removal service, we are here to help you. Whether from the job-site or a clean-up project; -- CMS Discount Debris Disposal makes the pile disappear! 

Call now & we’ll take a look at the items you want removed and then provide you with a price to take it away (with a minimum charge of $56 per man), plus .99 cents per mile trip charge.

Call 512-234-2864 or 1-877-JOB-GUYS.

CMS Screened Porch Repairs:

A screened porch provides a safe, private space for your family to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Whether you need screening for insect control, weather resistance, or something in between, we can customize the perfect screened porch to suit your needs. We're offering a 10% off discount on screen job $1,000.00 or more! 


Hey Neighbor... we got a deal for you!

This pro is offering an exclusive deal to the homeowners in your neighborhood!

Additional Details:

 CMS best-value power washing services! Aggressive pressure cleaning is the top contender when you want to improve your property's appearance. From boosting the curb appeal to raising the equity on a tight budget (even cleaning pests like wasps, spiders & other nuisances); --CMS uses commercial-grade, high-end power washers and experienced techs to ensure that your property looks its cleanest. A two hour minimum fee of $224, plus a .99 cent per mile trip charge is required for this deal (crew & equipment mobilization).  

News & Updates

News & Updates

News & Updates

Luxury Custom Homes by CMS. 

As any child knows, -when the Big Bad Wolf blows;  - Have you considered - how that olde story goes?
(So, what are you going to build your house out of? Let CMS offer a suggestion!) 

 CMS provides building services & construction using vastly superior building techniques beneath aesthetically stunning surfacing materials. CMS takes a unique "core-out" approach to the earthen building process that can utilize materials from the very land the house is built on.   This approach allows us to integrate additional structures into the design - created by selective excavation of the site.  The benefit to the qualifying customer is often the addition of a basic, core, in-ground hollow created by the process that can be modified to suit a particular function - such as a storm cellar.  And when you can use the material from the very land the house is built on - as well as the voids created by planned excavation -- it's like your land purchase begins to doubly pay you back!  CMS sources Earth Blocks if your special project requires them. 


Fire Proof

Bullet Proof

Cost Competitive

Xeriscaping Options

Super Strong Construction

Truly green, local natural materials

Non Toxic, environmentally friendly

Rammed Earth or V-Lock block design

Block strengths greater than cement blocks

Solar/Wind Energy Options

Gray Water Recycling Options

Naturally Mold/Mildew Resistant

Geothermal Utilization Options

Natural Pools Available

Water Collection Tech Options

Custom Home/Commercial Design

Naturally Insect/Termite Resistant 

CMS is trained & certified in the production & construction of earth blocks – CMS utilizes state of the art,-cutting edge technology in the evolution of compressed earth block construction. As a certified Earthen builder, -CMS utilizes the most current sustainable technologies to produce vastly superior structures often at a lower or comparable cost! CMS has taken compressed stabilized earth block (CSEB) building technology to the next level:

By implementing modern construction techniques combining sustainable & green technologies, -earthen core construction is being used to create some of the most modern, beautiful, safest, ecological & structurally sound construction in the history of civilization. Some of the oldest extant buildings on the planet were made with earth construction techniques, -while modern structures incorporating earth construction into their design are some of the most resistant to the perils of extreme weather. CMS combines earth-construction with modern finishing processes to create structures that are vastly superior in every important detail - from convenience, performance, equity, insurability, efficiency & durability. CMS associate architect, designer & engineer make sure we're on-point.  Each of our structures is an art form with special touches and attention to aesthetic detail. However, CMS puts it over the top with solar panels, wind-power and water storage: All options! Let efficient LED lighting add perfect nuances to the atmosphere and even in color!  
Most people are astonished when they discover what they can have built by us on the exact same budget - sometimes less! 


News & Updates

News & Updates

What should I expect for work from a CMS?

Our Service Pros are experienced craftsmen, who will show up at the scheduled time, prepared to start work immediately. The service is sold in discrete time-blocks of labor. It is up to the customer to provide any additional necessary equipment for handyman to do specialty jobs that would require such. Some jobs - due to their nature, -fall outside the scope of a mere "handyman service pro", and instead, -require that we provide you with a standard estimate.  If you need materials from a local supplier for the job, -the service pro can pick them up for you within the service time block that you purchased with a travel-fee added based on mileage. The strength of the pro service is that you get a skilled person who is able to work with the materials that you provide in order to get the job done --all at a flat, predictable rate. 


Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we stand behind the work we do and will make sure that you are happy with the end result. We want to build a relationship with our clients and will respond to your needs even if it is five years after we’ve completed the project. We encourage our clients to visit their project to experience the progress first hand. When/if that’s ever inconvenient we can record parts of the process for you.

How long will the project take?

This depends on several factors including scope of work, selection of materials, lead times, and scheduling. 

What is a Compressed Earth Block?

 Compressed Earth Block, Earth Block, or CEB is a construction material made from the dirt beneath your feet to build a wide variety of structures including homes, schools, churches, clinics, stores, barricades and fortifications.

Compressed Earth Blocks are made by compressing a soil and 4 -8 % Portland cement (used as a stabilizer) in a hydraulic press. These blocks can be used to build with after curing for 7 days. They reach full strength and become water resistant after a 28-day cure period.

What can be built with Compressed Earth Blocks? CEB’s can be used in place of conventional masonry products in many types of applications including:

Dwellings – from low cost to upscale

Public buildings, including schools, churches, clinics, etc.

Commercial and industrial buildings

Military applications such as barricades, fortifications, and security walls

Walls and linings for canals, dams, drains, and erosion protection

Storage facilities for waste and toxic materials

Mining applications

Disaster relief

Do I have the right soil to make earth blocks or Rammed-Earth?

Earthen block construction is a time proven building process of moistened earthen mix of aggregate sand, clay, silt & cement is placed into forms and compacted or "rammed" in layers. We know how to test your soils and understand what makes a good rammed earth & CSEB home. That is why we utilize a specialized mobile soils testing lab (CMS SOIL ANALYSIS MOBILE TESTING LAB)  with well established procedures that take us step by step through soils analysis, mix design, and testing. We bring modern science to the art of earthen production and construction to make it straight-forward and intuitive. Regular soil composition testing throughout this phase of the project is essential to maintain homogenous building material composition. This strict sampling approach is vastly superior to intermittent sampling practices of sending material off to a lab. The latter causes delays and the reduced sampling often results in flaws in material composition that ultimately adversely affect the quality of the finished structure.



Menu / Price List

~Handyman Service Payments can be made by using your [credit/debit card] via PayPal. Click the PAY$AFE W/ PAYPAL button (preferred method of payment)]. Deposits are generally required in advance; -with additional or unforeseen contingencies billed after the fact. Once payment has been received the property will be scheduled for service. Balance due at completion. Mileage billed at $.99/mile. Checks made payable to Charles Moody. I appreciate your understanding & cooperation. ** Minimum Commitment time block is a quarter-day (2 hours) unless otherwise arranged * Materials costs are the responsibility of the customer ^ Some types of jobs may or may not be offered as part of handyman services due to their nature such as electrical, plumbing or other licensed professions. Jobs requiring the use of power tools are also excluded unless such tools are provided by the customer; --And in such cases, the customer indemnifies CMS from any and all claims arising from the use thereof.